Since 1998, EPC (Provencial Enterprise of french housing Builder Construction) have been building houses in the Southern of French regions, notably the Var and the Bouches du Rhone - MEMBER National Union of Constructors of houses

EPC (Provencial Enterprise oh housing Construction), EPC TRAVAUX (EPC building works) et EPC BOIS (EPC WOOD) have been making 2 types of contracts in the VAR and BOUCHES DU RHONE departments, since 1998:

bastide provencale

EPC has gained its customer's esteem and confidence thanks to its quality of service, leaving us with a sound reputation.

The houses are always built with the same teams, to get the same good quality for every construction.

The services habitually suggested are:

The director of EPC will be your single interlocutor and will answer all your technical and financial queries in order to satisfy you.

Maisons construites

Construction maison les Pennes Mirabeau
Mas ou bastide sur Marseille possible en contrat de construction de maison
Faire la construction d une bastide sur Coudoux aux normes RT2012 RT2020
Construction monomur en Provence briques multi-alvéolées Imerys 37,5cm
Faire une Construction en Provence à Régusse

Autres constructions de maisons

Faire une extension de son habitation existante sur Saint-Cannat
Plan du site EPC
Faire Construire à Saint-Savournin

Terrains constructibles

EPC - Constructeur CCMI avec garanties de livraison et dommage ouvrage
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