French Masonry for your house near the sea




The accuracy and the precision of stone work constitute the spearhead of EPC.

The straightness of the elements and their perfect squaring allow to satisfy:

Choice of building materials

The majority of constructions are carried out in breeze blocks with Optima doubling in insulation.

However, EPC can also suggest you alternative building material called monowall which is a partitioned red brick used for mechanical as well as thermal purposes.

Energy - Heating

The usual electric convectors will be quantified to you, but EPC may equally suggest you a radiant underflooring heating system with a temperature inferior to 28°C. This heating brings a high level of comfort on the floor itself as well as a uniform temperature in the room. It is also an energy saving system.

There exists various types of energy as an alternative to the French national network 'EDF':


  1. Tiling and earthenware tile: a vast choice is available at 'Aix carrelage' at 23 Euros/m2.
  2. The completion of the 'rustic' coating usually chosen, reminds you of the Provence. EPC will carry out the colour of your choice from a catalogue or a show house.


EPC offers you different types of roofing from the roof truss type to the traditional roofing in order to see the beams from your living room.

Long thrusts can be elegantly reached thanks to the use of the 'Lammated timber" technique which consists in sticking together strips of wood to make it longer and more resistant than traditional beams.

Maisons construites

Construction maison les Pennes Mirabeau
Mas ou bastide sur Marseille possible en contrat de construction de maison
Faire la construction d une bastide sur Coudoux aux normes RT2012 RT2020
Construction monomur en Provence briques multi-alvéolées Imerys 37,5cm
Faire une Construction en Provence à Régusse

Autres constructions de maisons

Faire une extension de son habitation existante sur Saint-Cannat
Plan du site EPC
Plan commercial
Faire Construire à Saint-Savournin

Terrains constructibles

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Fermetures Août et Noël

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