Eco energies for your house in france



EPC usually propose an electrical flooring heating system, as well as hot water by an electric water-heater..

Our building firm is adapted to the choices of renewable energies, and put forward the following options:

The label "Qualisol" is used as well as a specific engineering and design department in order to choose these modern source of energy. A simulation can be done over the amortization period. The choice of such energies is above-all an environmental act and a pleasant way of life the whole year round.

Solar water heater

It is made up of the following elements:

The hot-water tanks selected by EPC are interchangeable with some traditional ones found in the shops.

solar underflooring heating system

EPC sets up a solar underflooring heating system with highly skilled professionals certified with the norm Qualisol: the thermal sensors heat the fluid which is directly sent into the floor, without going through a water tank which would involve losses of about 50% and would then not be able to work durnig the whole winter. The concrete mass which forms the flagstone stocks and by phase difference the heat is diffused in the evening.

Heat exchanges or storage losses are eliminated, the sensors work with a better output, because they are connected to a direct low temperature distribution.

The solar heating system can also be used to heat the swimming pool and domestic hot water in summer.

The floor can be connected to EDF (French national electricity network) if needed.

All the parts of this solar underflooring heating system are guaranteed 20 years.

solar underflooring heating system

EPC will also suggest you an underflooring heating system by geothermal energy and/or heat pump. This technique offers, like the solar underflooring heating system, a renewable energy from the ground (geothermal energy) or from the air, "fan heater unit".

It will supply you with heating in winter and cooling temperatures in summer with a reduced running cost

Wind mill and photovoltaic panel

The wind or the sun can be converted into current either to supply an independent construction in energy, or by coupling up this production with EDF.

In the latter, you will find yourselves producing energy and will be able to resell it to EDF.

The double flux controlled mechanical ventilation

The CMV, obligatory in all houses, can be envisaged hygro-adjustable: the air inlets are opened at the minimum, but when the room is occupied then the air inlets are opened to a superior speed. This method can be coupled with:

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