In its step of quality, EPC usually carries out the following operations :

Moreover, EPC is building traditional detached houses. This trade is regulated by the law of December 19th, 1990; all the houses built by EPC include a mandatory building contracts involving the following guarantees:

  1. Refunding: no payment is required before the end of the foundations pouring; thus, in the event of the non-realization of the suspensive conditions of the contract (refusal of the planning permission of the loan), or in case of retractation, no money will be taken from you.
  2. Delivery at the price and delay of the contract: in the event of the EPC bankrupty, this guarantee ensures you that your house will be carried out within the prices and the delay as written in the contract.
  3. Perfect completion: EPC is committed by contract to answer your requests up to one year after the acceptance of work done.
  4. Correct operation: covers the dysfunctions of the construction dissociable elements of equipment for two years (plumbing, electricity, shutters).
  5. Damage Works: this insurance allows a fast assumption of responsibility of the disaster on fundamental construction elements for ten years, without having to wait for indicial decision. It will then take court action against the person in charge for the damages. This insurance avoids long waiting of research of responsability and ensures the customer to enjoy his property with complete peace of mind.
  6. Decennial: your house is guaranteed for ten years against all that would make it unsuitable to its destination.
  7. Subcontracting: all the subcontractors are conformed to the French standards and signed a contract with EPC. They have the insurance to be paid for their work even if EPC goes bankrupt. All the subcontractors are declared and insured; a list including their names as well as their insurance certificates will be provided to you.

Maisons construites

Construction maison les Pennes Mirabeau
Mas ou bastide sur Marseille possible en contrat de construction de maison
Faire la construction d une bastide sur Coudoux aux normes RT2012 RT2020
Construction monomur en Provence briques multi-alvéolées Imerys 37,5cm
Faire une Construction en Provence à Régusse

Autres constructions de maisons

Faire une extension de son habitation existante sur Saint-Cannat
Plan du site EPC
Plan commercial
Faire Construire à Saint-Savournin

Terrains constructibles

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Fermetures Août et Noël

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