House construction in wood in the South of France



The house constructed using Exotic Wood is the pure ecological product of bioclimatic and renewable energies
EPC Wood can establish a "key in hand" estimate for all big work and frame work according to your requirements.

The advantages of exotic wood housing in the Provence:

More about Exotic Wood with EPC Wood:

The exotic wood houses reach the standards and needs in terms of security and insulation, whilst at the same time respect the environment by use of specific materials and methods of construction, which in turn enable a low energetic consommation.

Maisons construites

Construction maison les Pennes Mirabeau
Mas ou bastide sur Marseille possible en contrat de construction de maison
Faire la construction d une bastide sur Coudoux aux normes RT2012 RT2020
Construction monomur en Provence briques multi-alvéolées Imerys 37,5cm
Faire une Construction en Provence à Régusse

Autres constructions de maisons

Faire une extension de son habitation existante sur Saint-Cannat
Plan du site EPC
Plan commercial
Faire Construire à Saint-Savournin

Terrains constructibles

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Fermetures Août et Noël

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